IPR ContacEZ® PLUS 0.35-0.50
IPR ContacEZ® PLUS 0.35-0.50

IPR ContacEZ® PLUS 0.35-0.50

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IPR ContacEz® Plus 0.35-0.50 

Widener (Mint) 0.35 mm, Double-Sided • Coarse Diamond

Widener (Aqua) 0.40 mm, Double-Sided • Coarse Diamond

Widener (Turquoise) 0.45 mm, Double-Sided • Coarse Diamond

Widener (Teal) 0.50 mm, Double-Sided  • Coarse Diamond

2x of each

The ContacEZ® IPR Strip System is an innovative interproximal reduction system that makes interproximal reduction safe and accurate without creating sharp corners or subgingival ledges. Designed for use with Invisalign®, ClearCorrect, eCligner, Six Month Smiles®, and other orthodontic treatments, these flexible diamond strips curve and conform along the natural contours of the teeth to maximise patient comfort and safety.

  • Ergonomic, single-handed design
  • Provides optimal tactile control
  • Will not remove excess enamel
  • Will not cut lips or gums
  • Prevents sharp corners or subgingival ledges
  • Effective for anterior and posterior areas
  • Central opening for maximum visual perception
  • Saves chair-time