How Sanctum Can Help Dentists Relieve Eye Fatigue and Migraines During Practice

How Sanctum Can Help Dentists Relieve Eye Fatigue and Migraines During Practice

Looking after our eye health is important in the longevity and success of our profession. Using our eyes basically makes our job possible, so when we experience eye fatigue and ocular migraines, it greatly affects our practice. Unfortunately, the third most frequently reported occupational health hazard among dental professionals are eye problems.

We have featured previously a revolutionary relaxation device for patients during treatment, the Dental Sanctum Relaxation Device.

Sanctum is a therapeutic dental device that provides relaxation and distraction during treatment, optimal eye protection and unprecedented post-procedural recovery for every patient. However, Sanctum is not just for patients, it can provide comfort and relaxation for all healthcare professionals too! As well as prevent eye fatigue and migraines. Here’s how Sanctum can help you: 

How Sanctum Can Prevent or Relieve Eye Fatigue and Migraines

Sanctum, when used in break periods or at the end of the day, provides a potent cure for eye tiredness and hypertonic facial and neck muscles in dental health care workers who work in hectic and stressful workplaces. 

A number of studies shows demonstrate that peri-orbital and temporal massage can reduce migraines by increasing  blood circulation and releasing muscle tension. Sanctum provides significant relaxation through compressional massage and thermotherapy. The “stretch”reflex is activated by compressional massage, allowing hypertonic muscles to relax. Sanctum's pressure massage compresses the spindle cells, causing a reflexive contraction. The muscle is protected from hypertonicity by this contraction, which is followed by a broad relaxation of the peri-orbital and superficial face muscles.

Who can Sanctum help ?

Many different types of individuals can benefit from using Sanctum, including:

  • Dental healthcare professionals with eye fatigue
  • Dental healthcare professionals exposed to stress
  • Patients who are nervous and anxious
  • Patients undergoing long procedures
  • Patients who dislike or are afraid of the noise of dental drills
  • Patients who dislike the vibration of dental drills
  • Patients who prefer not to see instruments or operators during treatment
  • Patients who have local anaesthesia
  • Patients who need optimal eye protection during treatment 
  • All individuals for home use affected by stress
  • For inducement of sleep



So save your trip to the spa and experience relaxation right in your office with Sanctum relaxation device; a very portable, state-of-the-art ocular device that will help ease your dental practice. Get this revolutionary device now and experience being taken to another sanctum. You can also access information of how Sanctum can relieve dental anxiety for your patients in our previous blog.