Sanctum: A Revolutionary Device That Takes The Edge Off Dental Treatments

Sanctum: A Revolutionary Device That Takes The Edge Off Dental Treatments

Can you feel that your patient is uneasy while you’re doing a dental procedure? That’s completely understandable. Most research shows that more than 30% of the population suffer from dental anxiety or fear, which ultimately leads to poor appointment attendance. Luckily, there is a relaxation device which you can use with patients. Introducing Sanctum, a revolutionary distress reduction device that reduces discomfort of dental treatments. Your patient’s dental appointment could be more relaxing than watching TV at home. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative dental protection device.

Say goodbye to fear and tension and hello to relaxation! Feel the relief by using Sanctum

What is Sanctum Relaxation Device?

Sanctum is a therapeutic dental device that provides relaxation and distraction during treatment, optimal eye protection and unprecedented post-procedural recovery for every patient. 


Sanctum is also suitable for use at home to enhance generalised relaxation, speed up recovery after treatment, and as a key assist in sleep onset induction.

When used in break periods or at the end of the day, Sanctum provides a potent cure for eye tiredness and hypertonic facial and neck muscles in dental health care workers who work in hectic and stressful workplaces.

Ways Sanctum Makes Dental Appointments Less Scary


Significant Relaxation

The stretch reflex is activated by compressional massage, allowing hypertonic muscles to relax. Sanctum's pressure compresses the spindle cells, causing a reflexive contraction. The muscle is protected from hypertonicity by this contraction, which is followed by a broad relaxation of all peri-orbital (around the face) and face muscles.

Improved Lymphatic Drainage

Sanctum compression constricts muscle fibres and capillaries at first, allowing by-products of working muscles to be promptly removed. The stretch reflex is a reflexive muscle tightening that compresses venous and lymph systems. This tightening pushes metabolites out of muscle tissue and prevents irritation from lactic, hyaluronic, and carbonic acid stasis.

Faster Recovery

Compressional massage therapy promotes the synthesis of procollagen fibers, which speeds up  recovery after dental treatments. Mechanical stimuli, such as those used in this type of massage and applied to the orbit and adjacent tissues, can boost collagen formation by stimulating fibroblast function and recruiting new cells from nearby locations.

Trigger Points Regulation

The application of targeted pressure causes blanching at the trigger site, resulting in local hypoxia, and ultimately a reactive hyperemia. The trigger point is removed, and microcirculation is restored. Increased metabolic function is also a result of micro-hemorrhaging.

Mood Enhancement

Long-term deep compressional therapy causes vagal tonus and parasympathetic dominance, which alters mood (hypnagogic trance) and improves recovery.

Speedy Anaesthetic Recovery

The Sanctum device is gently applied to the anaesthetized soft tissue.

The tissue will improve blood flow to the damaged area right away. Compression therapy, in addition to providing warmth, increases blood flow and allows the anesthetic to dissolve up to 50% faster. The point (especially infiltration anaesthesia) is eliminated. Increased metabolic function is also a result of micro-hemorrhaging.

Eye Protection

During all dental treatments, Sanctum provides a completely enclosed protective environment that is highly impact-resistant to deflect potential airborne debris – whether hard or soft. Wearing Sanctum correctly is another crucial technique to limit the risk of infectious agent transmission.

Audio Relaxation/Distraction

Music is an effective, non-pharmacological, complimentary way for enhancing patient comfort during therapeutic operations. With no considerable financial investment, dental visits can be made more bearable by introducing an audio analgesic effect during procedures.

How to Use Sanctum

The Sanctum dental device has 5 modes:

  • Dental Pre-Treatment Mode - used to get a patient ready for any dental, medical, or clinical procedure. This mode is appropriate for individuals who have a history of anxiety of undergoing dental procedure.
  • Dental Treatment Mode - appropriate for shorter dental treatment appointments, such as a cleaning. Patients who are terrified of dental drills and noises during a procedure could benefit from this mode
  • Surgical Relaxation Mode - Patients who are comfortable with many stimuli and prefer a calm environment can benefit from this; a greater sense of distraction, particularly during more complicated dental procedures.
  • Recovery After Dental Treatment Mode - As the patient relaxes after treatment, compression therapy is started, which promotes lymphatic drainage and stimulates collagen production and healing. Thermotherapy is started at a temperature of 42 degrees.
  • Recover After Anesthesia Mode - intended to aid in the dispersal of anaesthetic solution from the facial area.



Thanks to this revolutionary device, Sanctum gives your patient a relaxing experience. It’s like going to a spa, but in your clinic! With reliable functions such as acupressure, thermotherapy. vibrational massage, audio analgesia, among others, can alleviate your patient’s anxiety. More so, it can improve patient attendance.

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