Dental Supplies in Wollongong

1122CORP is a leading provider of dental supplies in Wollongong, NSW Australia.

1122CORP was created as a niche provider of state of the art devices and products in Aesthetic Orthodontics (related to clear aligner therapy), Oral Medicine, TMD and Clinical Photography. Our products have been designed by world class experts and clinicians and we are proud to offer you a range which we believe represents “best in class” in every realm.

We are now expanding into the exciting realms of general dental practice and introducing technical breakthroughs that will help change the nature of dentistry forever, both from the health care professional and patients’ perspective. 

Each of our products have been designed by world class experts and clinicians and we are proud to offer you a range which we believe to represent the zenith in this field.

The focal points of our exclusive range are: Aesthetic Orthodontics, Oral Medicine, TMD, TMJ, Implantology, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Distraction + Relaxation , Oral Hygiene, Clinical Photography, Interproximal Reduction (IPR) Materials Aligner Care, Crown & Bridge, Finishing & Polisihng and OrthoMunchies®

We stock products the following brands, products/categories from global suppliers including, ContacEz, Qwikstrips, and Post Graduate School of Dentistry (PGSD) products; OrthoMunchies®, Tee-MD, d.Misitfy, and Sanctum, as well as 1122Corp’s own brand.

Our product includes range: Munchies® EPS Munchies® Vibe Munchies® Maintain and Munchies® MAXX, Munchies® Professional Pack, Munchies® 2pc pks, Munchies® 3pc pks, Munchies® Refill Packs, Munchies® Practice Kits, Munchies® Munchies Vibe, Tee-MD Rover, Tee-MD MDi, Tee-MD Pro+, Sanctum Dental Relaxation Device, IPR Diamond Burs, Margin Burs, Composite Attachment Burs (CAB), d.Misitfy data capture kit, d.Misitfy Mirror kit, d.Misitfy Perio, d.Misitfy Ortho, d.Misitfy Ortho PLUSDivulge Plaque Disclosing Swabs, Divest Interproximal Cleansers Aligner Cleaners, Aligner Brushes, Aligner Tools, Photography Supplies, Clinical Photography Kits, Glass Mirrors, Stainless steel Mirrors, Retractors, Contrasters, VPS Impression Materials, Light Body, Putty Soft, Impression Material Kits

We provide education @ Dr David Penn’s Innovation Corner, webinars and courses

We provide to surgeries, clinics, universities, private businesses, corporate businesses, government institutions, and more. We supply high quality innovative dental, orthodontic and medical products to:

  • Dental Clinics, Dental Surgeries
  • Dentists
  • Orthodontic Clinics, Orthodontic Surgeries
  • Orthodontists
  •  Dental Schools, Medical Schools
  • Universities
  • Medical Professionals
  •  Medical Surgeries, Medical Clinics
  • Physiotherapists
  •  Physiotherapy Clinics
  • Massage Therapists
  • Massage Clinics, Massage Parlours
  • TMD/TMJ Specialists
  • Oral Medicine Specialists

At 1122CORP, we pride ourselves on our providing state of the art innovative dental products and services in Wollongong.

Please browse our full website and contact us for more information.

Email or call us on +61 448 601 721