Optimise the seating of clear retainers with Munchies® Maintain

Optimise the seating of clear retainers with Munchies® Maintain

Munchies® Maintain devices have been designed to optimise the seating of clear retainers after your patients have completed orthodontic treatment. Optimal fitting of clear retainers not only maintains the post-treatment goals but also aids in providing remediation of minor relapse.

As clear retainers are generally 30% thicker and more rigid than aligners, intimate seating of the retainers can be more challenging. Munchies® Maintain are larger and more robust than regular Munchies® and are specifically designed to provide adequate force systems to seat clear retainers.

Maintaining Post-Treatment Position

As a daily regime for maintaining the position of the teeth after treatment, simply instruct your patients to insert their clear retainers before sleep and engage the groove of the Munchies® Maintain device into the anterior teeth (larger groove for maxilla, smaller for mandible) and bite down for 20-30 seconds on each against each the opposing arch. Then bite down on the ridged EPS arm of the Munchies® Maintain on the posterior teeth for 20-30 seconds on both sides of the mouth. Patients will note that their retainers will fit more intimately within 60 seconds.

Minor Relapse Correction

Many patients are inconsistent with their use of their retainers and minor relapse is a common sequela. If relapse is detected early enough and adequate space is available, the aberrant teeth can be moved back into the correct position with the use of clear retainers and the Munchies® Maintain device.

The patient’s contact points, adjacent to the relapse site, should be checked carefully to ensure that no collisions have occurred. Relief of these areas may need to be provided. Instruct your patients to wear their clear retainers as they would their aligners, for 22 hours per day and use Munchies® Maintain each time the retainers are inserted. The rigidity of the retainers and optimization of the fit with the Munchies® Maintain should allow the teeth to move back towards their post-treatment position. Patients should maintain this regimen until the teeth have moved back into their post-treatment position. Regular checks by the health care provider should be provided and clear retainers replaced as required.


  • Enhanced Posterior Seating Arm: The Munchies® Maintain 3-ridged-arm has been designed to adapt to the anatomy of all premolars and extended palatally and lingually to ensure expansion forces from the retainers are delivered as gingivally as possible to avoid tipping and open posterior bites.
  • Upper and Lower teeth Intrusion Grooves: Designed to adapt to the anatomy of the incisors. The grooves are engineered to grasp each aligner incisally and gently provide forces to optimize seating without distorting the aligner form and shape.
  • Canine Intrusion Well: Anatomically designed to engage the incisal third of the upper and lower canines to ensure the aligner is seated intimately and is ideal to utilize for complete seating of attachment templates

Munchies® Maintain utilise a specifically formulated unique medical grade, visco-elastic silicone.

How to Prescribe Munchies Maintain

For correction of minor relapse, ask patients to wear their clear retainers for 22 hours per day and use Munchies®️ Maintain each time the retainers are inserted and for an additional 2 minutes in the morning and before bedtime. In addition, instruct them to bite down on the ridged EPS arm of the Munchies®️ Maintain on their posterior teeth on each side of their mouth for up to 30 seconds.

For directions on how to use Munchies®️ Maintain please visit the How to use Munchies®️ page.

Biting too hard or excessively will result in premature tearing of the Munchies®️ Maintain.

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