How to Give Your Patients a More Pleasant IPR Experience

How to Give Your Patients a More Pleasant IPR Experience

When providing braces or clear aligner therapy, you will most likely do IPR to make way for tooth movement. Some patients experience anxiety with orthodontic procedures like IPR and find the procedure intimidating. The thought of filing off a portion of their tooth and sound of the dental drill and bur can be quite unsettling for them.


Although it may appear to be a harsh treatment, IPR is painless since tooth enamel has no nerves. The patient is likely to feel some pressure and vibration throughout the procedure but it is a simple, painless process that is mostly spread out throughout stages of the treatment plan.

To alleviate the patient’s anxiety, it is best to educate your patient about the IPR procedure. This blog will guide you in preparing your patient before performing IPR plus recommended IPR tools and relaxation device.

Pre-IPR Preparation

Before performing IPR to your patients, you also need to prepare yourself for the procedure. First, determine whether or not the suggested IPR should be performed at this time. Determine if there is a requirement for pre-IPR separation because of overcrowding or rotation. You may have the option of deferring some of the IPR until later in the treatment plan if necessary. Next, determine which of the teeth's surfaces will be reduced. Finally, ensure you have the suitable IPR instruments and approaches you prefer to utilise.

Explaining IPR to Your Patients

Prepare your patient by fully explaining the IPR procedure. Explain carefully that the procedure involves polishing the teeth to reduce a small amount of enamel, this polishing technique will create tiny amounts of space for the teeth to express their complete movements most effectively and efficiently for the programmed treatment. It will be preferable to have a visual guide to your patient.

Also, make sure to discuss unlikely but plausible drawbacks such as discomfort, bleeding and pressure. It is also recommended to have the patient sign a consent form. Separating the teeth prior to the IPR will lower the risk of unnecessarily removing tooth structure on surrounding teeth. Finally, if the patient prefers, use a modest dose of topical anaesthetic.

Recommended IPR Products and Relaxation Device


Anterior IPR Burs 

Our Anterior, Anterior Fine and Anterior Super Fine diamond dental burs are specifically designed for inter proximal reduction (IPR) of anterior teeth. Its most exclusive feature is the rapid ability to create comfortable reductions as fine as 0.2mm. 

Fine IPR Burs 

Our Fine, Super Fine and Extra Super Fine diamond dental burs are specifically designed for inter proximal reduction (IPR) of posterior teeth. Its most exclusive feature is it is only 7mm in length and produces excellent contours and IPR down to 0.2mm. 

IPR burs are quick and accurate which some patients prefer as they avoid the sometimes unpleasant pulling sensation of hand IPR with diamond strips and handsaws. 

Both our Anteriors burs and Fine burs each come in three iterations each and are used depending on the amount of reduction programmed. The special diamond coating prevent micro-fractures in the tooth enamel. The bur is to be used with gentle swiping motions in the bucco-lingual direction or gingivo-occlusal direction. 

These burs are fragile and should only be used when they are sharp and with minimal force. 


IPR Qwikstrip™

The Industry leading QwikStrips are an interproximal solution for removing cement from in between teeth and also for creating the precise spacing needed for IPR and minor tooth movement.

The depth limiting design prevents soft tissue injury, while the unique handle provides a comfortable grip for optimal tactile control, giving you easy access to interproximal spaces. Cutting of the patients’ lips or gums is a thing of the past with the firmly embedded strips.

QwikStrip™ provided IPR from .07mm to 0.40mm available here. They are available separately or as kits.

IPR ContacEz®

The ContacEZ® IPR Strip System is a safe and revolutionary IPR system that allows for efficient and accurate interproximal enamel stripping while avoiding sharp corners and subgingival ledges. 

The ContacEZ IPR flexible diamond strips, unlike straight strips or discs, will adhere to the natural curves and curves to create rounded, natural shapes on the proximal surfaces of the teeth, preventing sharp corners and maximising patient comfort and safety.

  • Ergonomic, single-handed design
  • Provides optimal tactile control
  • Will not remove excess enamel
  • Will not cut lips or gums
  • Prevents sharp corners or subgingival ledges
  • Effective for anterior and posterior areas
  • Central opening for maximum visual perception
  • Saves chair-time

ContacEZ® provide IPR from 0.07mm up to 0.50 mm and are also available separately or as kits.

IPR Diamond Strips

PR Diamond Interproximal Reduction Strips are meshed, double sided diamond strips designed for complete control during interproximal reduction, shaping and contouring.


Once the saw is positioned interproximally, the device is then moved in a series of bucco-lingual and linguo-buccal directions, taking care not to impinge on the patients’ soft tissues.

You can get these strips here.

Available in packs of 3 and 6 in the following sizes:

Yellow Super Fine 0.10mm

Red Fine 0.14mm

Silver Medium 0.17

IPR Gauges

IPR Thickness Gauges are ideal for measuring the exact amount of IPR programmed into your patient's treatment plan.


To maximize patient-comfort and reduce chair-time, our IPR Gauges can efficiently, safely, and accurately confirm the amount of interproximal enamel removal or contact reduction performed for orthodontic treatment.


This set of stainless-steel thickness gauges NOW come in seven incremental dimensions on a keyring of 7: 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm and 0.50mm. You can get yours here.


We also have a device to help your patient relax during IPR their procedure.  

Sanctum is a therapeutic dental device that provides relaxation and distraction during treatment, optimal eye protection and unprecedented post-procedural recovery for every patient. 

The Sanctum Dental relaxation device is perfect for patients who are nervous and anxious or who dislike the noise and vibration of dental drills as well as patients that prefer not to see instruments or operators during treatment.

Sanctum is equally suited for patients for home use to promote generalised relaxation, accelerate post-operative recovery and as an important aid for sleep onset inducement.

Dental healthcare professionals who operate in busy and stressful environments are afforded a powerful remedy for eye fatigue and hypertonic facial and neck musculature by using Sanctum in break periods or at day’s end.

Providing A Good IPR Experience

It is perfectly normal for patients to have doubts and anxiety when they are about to experience IPR. Thankfully, there are ways to alleviate these feelings. With your professional experience and with the help of our state-of-the art IPR products and Sanctum Dental Relaxation Device, you can provide a stress-free IPR experience to your patient. If you need help with this, feel free to reach out to us and we can give you guidance.


[IPR or Interproximal Reduction is a procedure that involves generating very small spaces between teeth by removing portions of the outermost enamel from several teeth in crowded areas or areas around crowded teeth. The space created by IPR allows the teeth to move as guided by the braces or clear aligners].