d.MISTIFY Pro Data Capture Kit: The Ultimate Dental Communication Tool

d.MISTIFY Pro Data Capture Kit: The Ultimate Dental Communication Tool

The ability for you or your patients to easily capture ultra-high resolution intra-oral imagery in any environment is now a reality.  Whether for in-clinic use or in the home, utilizing the d.Mistify Pro Data Capture Kit ensures that the oral cavity is no longer a mystery shrouded in darkness 

The d.Mistify Pro Data Capture Kit consists of the Air and Light Dispersal unit (ALD) and an array of patented mirror designs that provide the user with the ability to capture intra-oral imagery, free of saliva, totally fog-free and with idyllic illumination. 

Used in conjunction with the superb high resolution cameras found in modern day cell phones and rapid transmission of  digital data, images can now be used for a myriad of purposes in dentistry, whether in-surgery or externally.

Uses of d.Misity Pro Data Capture Kit

The  d.Mistify Pro Data Capture Kit can be used both in-clinic and remote use. For in-clinic, you can use it for patient education, communication with colleagues, periodontics, crown and bridge, aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, Temporomandibular disorders, paediatric dentistry, oral hygiene, oral medicine, among others. For remote usage, you can use it for triage and assessment, isolated patients, emergencies, as well as the aforementioned usage for in-clinic purposes.

What’s in the d.Mistify Pro Data Capture Kit

ALD: Air and Light Dispersal Unit

The d.Mistify ALD device consists of a digital light array, in combination with a fan and intraoral mirror. This sophisticated device ensures that the surface of the intraoral mirror (when attached) remains crystal clear and free of fog, due to a  powerful light source and continual turbo airstream.

Occlusal Mirror (Adult and Child)

The occlusal mirror is the most commonly used mirror to capture images in the mouth. 

The mirror has been designed to be able to view all of your top or all of your bottom teeth in a single photo. One side of the mirror has a guideline feature with a centreline and 3 curved lines to make it easy to position correctly within your mouth when taking photos.

Site-Specific Mirror

The Site-Specific mirror is the smallest of the mirrors in the kit and is used to take photos in areas of concern in the mouth. This mirror is a tiny size that allows easy access all over the mouth, to focus on areas of concern.

Straight Mirror

The Straight Mirror is the larger of the straight mirrors in the kit and is a multi-purpose mirror that can easily capture photos anywhere in your mouth.

This mirror is often used to focus on areas of concern. One side of the mirror has guidelines to be able to estimate the size of a tooth or area of concern.

Y-Shaped Occlusal Mirror

This patented mirror has been exquisitely engineered, measuring 62mm in its widest diameter and is utilised in patients who find any contact of the larger mirrors on their palate or their tongue to be an issue. 

This mirror has been designed for patients to capture all of the occlusal surfaces of the teeth in the maxilla and teeth in the mandible.

ALD Nozzle

The ALD nozzle has been specifically designed to create a powerful stream of air to target any area of the mouth that needs to be dried, prior to capturing an image. The ability to remove saliva and create a perfectly dry and clean field allows you to then send images of exquisite detail. 

In addition, the nozzle delivers a beam of light which helps you focus on the target area. The airstream also aids in the detection of any overly sensitive areas.

d.Mistify Instructions for Use

  • Charging: The device can be charged using the USB-C connection (the device is fully charged from zero in 20 minutes) and will operate continuously for up to 30minutes.
  • Attaching the mirrors: The underside of the d.Mistify device has a docking station specifically for attaching a mirror. Any of the 5 specific mirror shapes can be deployed for use by sliding down the narrower handle part of the mirror into the docking assembly.
  • Turning on and off: The d.Mistify has 2 buttons which have self-explanatory icons above them. The “fan only” button activates the air flow by turning the fan on. Press it twice to increase the airflow to the turbo speed. The “light and fan”button activates the airflow and digital light array simultaneously.
  • Cleaning: Wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • Storage: After use, return the d.Mistify ALD unit to the original carrying case provided.

Get the  d.Mistify Pro Data Capture Kit now and generate high-quality footages of the oral cavity for both in-clinic and remote use.