Aligner Care Solutions at 1122CORP

Aligner Care Solutions at 1122CORP
Prescribing clear aligner therapy is advantageous to your patients in many ways and it gives them the assurance of esthetic and functional success whilst being able to maintain optimal oral health. However, offering clear aligners to patients is not just about treatment planning and monitoring; it also involves helping patients keeping their aligners clean and bacteria free.

At @1122CORP, we provide an array of aligner care solutions.

The Munchies Aligner Brush has been specifically designed to deliver optimal cleansing and thorough debridement for orthodontic aligners and retainers.
Enable your patients with the easiest removal of clear aligners through the amazing Bilingual Aligner Removal Tool, also known as B.A.R.T., designed to dislodge clear aligners with ease from the lingual aspect. This provides maximum comfort when removing and protection of the integrity of essential composite attachments, which are critical to the success of aligner treatment.
The Aseptalign UV Steriliser is a compact and convenient storage device especially designed for disinfection and sterilisation of orthodontic aligners and retainers

Your patients can also monitor not just their aligner cleanliness, but their oral hygiene as well, using Divulge Plaque Disclosing Swabs. This superb plaque identification product is an ideal modality to improve oral hygiene protocols and techniques by clearly showing where new and mature bacteria are located in the mouth and also on toothbrushes and orthodontic appliances.

Wearers of clear aligners often accumulate plaque faster than normally. Divest interproximal cleansers are brushes with specifically sized silicone bristles to remove food and plaque from those areas that are generally inaccessible from toothbrushes.

Each package is unique in that it contains 3 sets of 10 differing diameter brushes, so that patients can choose the correct diameter cleanser to use in specific areas of the mouth.

Also available @1122CORP is The Munchies Aligner Adjustment Tool; finely tuned medical grade stainless steel file that allows patients to trim any offending overextension or peripheral roughness on their aligner or retainer.