Margin Burs: “Worlds Finest Diamonds”

Margin Burs: “Worlds Finest Diamonds”

When I was a student at Sydney University, I distinctly remember how obsessed our tutors were to produce restorations, whether direct or indirect, that had an interface with tooth structure that was undetectable.

Margin Burs 1122 Corp

The primary purpose of the exquisite Margins restoration finishing burs is to create an interface that is smooth, uniform and easily cleaned by the patient. This will increase the longevity of the restoration, decrease the incidence of recurrent caries and promote the health of surrounding tissues.

The outcome of utilising these burs include:

  • Smooth, undetectable margins
  • Plaque-resistant surfaces
  • Healthier gingival tissues
  • Increased longevity of restorations
  • Enhanced esthetics
  • Proper contours

The burs come in 2 sizes: 3.5 mm and 6.0mm and in 3 grits (1)Fine , (2)Super Fine and (3)Extra Super Fine.


The burs are simple to use:

  1. Run a sharp probe over the interface between the restoration and tooth structure and choose the diamond size that will provide the most accurate reduction.
  2. Commence with the blue band diamond for the initial reduction, making sure to check the margin continuously for overhangs.
  3. Once removed, polish with the red and then the yellow band diamonds.

Remember to handle with care and place the bur into the hi-speed handpiece with fingers or tweezers.

Dr David Penn