How Munchies® Were Born - PART 2

How Munchies®  Were Born - PART 2

So the quest began, to design a device that grabbed the aligner effectively, that didn’t change the aligner shape and provided a visco-elastic force that helped seat the aligners.

We assembled a team of material science experts, industrial designers and specialists in clear aligner therapy to engineer a device that satisfied all of these essential elements. 
These included features: 

  • anatomical designs to encapsulate the anterior teeth in both the maxilla and the mandible 
  •  ideal Shore Hardness that did not disrupt the shape of the aligner when engaged 
  •  silicone that had visco-elastic properties and satisfied all regulatory requirements, particularly being medical grade 
  • was easily utilised by patients which were instinctive to use 
  • were durable and cost effective 

Our first iteration was known as the “Bone”, which basically was a “2 armed” Munchie with anatomical grooves that had been carefully designed after much research. 

Dr David Penn